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Kirsi Marja Jaatinen                                  


This is the house where I was born. In October 2005 I returned back
to my starting point and celebrated my birth - dancing on the yard.

  • Hello, my name is Kirsi. I was born in Jyväskylä, central Finland in 1958. Today I live in Joensuu, eastern Finland. Both towns are quite small and surrounded by forests and lakes. Therefore I have quite strong connection with the nature as most of us Finns do. I like to go fishing and picking up berries and mushrooms. My name Kirsi Marja means cranberry in some Northern dialects and longer version kirsikka is cherry in Finnish.
  • Here is some information about my educational background: I have studied literature, Finnish and Balto-Finnic languages, history of art, philosophy and social sciences, education and drama education in the University of Jyväskylä (MA 1987) and dance and somatics in Eastern Finland Sports Institute (ISLO) in 2005 and 2006.  
  • I have also participated in many special courses and workshops organized by teachers from following countries: Australia, Belgium, Brasilia, Croatia, Egypt, England, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Wales. 
  • As my main work I have been teaching in senior high school for about 25 years. In Joensuu Niinivaara Senior High School we established a musical theatre with the music teacher (1996) and I got familiar with improvisation and process drama methods. I also made many kind of experiments and developed my own way to teach. I have been directing theatre groups of young people (16-20 years old) for 18 years now but I have also worked with younger children and adults. 

See also my photos:


1959: “What the hell is this place to where I have come?”



1961:  “Do you really think you can make me smile with these stupid toys?”



1962: “Now I have found out what is fun.”



1964: “Who cares about shoes when the adventure is exiting enough!”


1966: “I want to play guitar!” This guitar and one grey electric bass were the only instruments I knew in my childhood.


1967: “This autumn I love school.”

1970: “My best friend!”


1973: Confirmation in the old church of Keuruu.


1978: Graduation

1983: Our first Child. My husband Pertti was studying and later on also teaching philosophy and politics. Unfortunately he passed away in the age of 42.


1993: Graduation of my wonderful girls. That year was the only time there were no boys in my group.


2002: Doing clownery on the pedestrian street in Joensuu

© Jouni Turunen


  2005: Dance and somatics in ISLO

2007: Working with my small fishing boat


2008: Hiking with my friends  in Kalliojärvi


2008: My partner and soulmate Cane Vuorjoki – a blues guitarist and a singer-songwriter.

2008: My birthday when I was 50

Part of my theatre group when we were working with Darwin

2009: A pike and a big ide!
2010: According to the documents I have also been in the kitchen.

2012: Tallinna, Museum of Modern Art (KUMU). For me it is refreshing to go to art museums - but only one museum per day! Sometimes a good exhibition can make a new order in your brains.





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