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A la Carte:
Courses, workshops and performances for special groups

GROUP: You can order these for your own group. We can find together a suitable workshop for your needs. The “easiest” courses/workshops are in the beginning and courses with bigger challenge are later. The basic price is 40 euros per hour for the whole group. There can be 6-24 participants in the group. It is useful to have at least two hours in one session so there's enough time to warm up.

SPACE: The space can be your own or we can seek together some nice space. In any case it should be clean and peaceful and the floor should be warm. Wooden floor would be optimal.

LANGUAGE: My choice of language is English when Finnish is not possible. Your working language could also be your own mother tongue if you have a partner speaking it.

1.      Cat Paws

  • includes silent and meditative exercises of body work and relaxing, image theatre and dance. You can use a diary if you wish. The main goal is to get rest by lying on the floor, gently mobilize the body and find some new energy by sharing some experiences. 

2.      Rabbit Ears

  • includes working with body and mind. The exercises are connected with moving and relaxing, music, imagination, one's life, image theatre and visual arts. You’ll make a lot of reflection in pairs or alone in your secret diary. Your goals are to understand yourself better and be more conscious in your choices and relationships with other people.

3.      Listening Dance

  • includes working with body and mind. The exercises are connected with movements, dance, music, relaxing and stretching. You make a lot of reflective talk in pairs or alone in your secret diary. The goal is to release your body and expression and be more conscious of your body and mind.

4.      A Kitchen Door to Drama and Theatre

  • includes easy drama exercises according to the group: games, moving, opening senses and imagination, simple drama improvisation, image theatre, having fun and relaxing.

  • the goal is to get familiar with drama and theatre and understand its language

  • includes an excursion to some theatre show.

        5.  The Stage of Vocational Selection

  • the goal is to get knowledge of jobs and professions and to also find out about one's own interests and talents connected with different professions and jobs.

  • working with drama and imagination and other active methods and having a good time together.

             6. The Bright Side of Life - empowering memories

  • includes exercises with moving, image theatre and interactive drama. You can enjoy yourself by sharing your good memories with the group. You can also see your personal story on the stage and maybe perform memories of others. We use very nice methods for that. When we see all the stories of the group we can see something common and feel our universal unity and be happy.  

7.      First Steps to Interactive Theatre      

  • includes exercises of drama improvisation and working with personal stories. The goal is to get familiar with different kind of interactive theatre and their techniques and have a good time together. 

8.      Interactive Theatre

  • includes exercises of drama improvisation and working with personal stories. The goal is to have a nice experience by preparing a performance of interactive theatre. 

9.      Busy Mice

  • includes some games and exercises of dance and drama improvisation. The tempo is quite rapid to allow one to forget about oneself, find one's courage and develop one's expression by mistake.

10.  Process Drama

  • mainly working with drama and dance exercises but could combine other art forms as well.

  • the goal is to study some phenomenon of your choice, for example loneliness, love, envy, oppression, fear or anger or maybe some historical or social phenomenon.

  • we create the environment, all the characters and the story and choose the themes together.

  • ultimately we can have some small presentation within the group, a public presentation or maybe even a real performance!  

11.  The Riddle of Partitive case and other mysteries of Finnish grammar

  • Finnish for foreigners by drama and other activating methods.

  • this workshops demands some degree of skill to speak and write in Finnish. We can have fun and learn something at the same time.

12.  To the Bright Side of Life

  • working with personal stories and real problems (but not too heavy!) in our ordinary life, looking for solutions together, testing them on stage and trying to make the sun shine again.

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